Calf rearing

From calf to cow, without the hassle!

The motto of our good-humored specialist Teun.

The development of a tender calf into a highly productive and sustainable cow is top sport, for both the calf, and the farmer(s).

Teun is happy to think with you on how to make calf rearing easier or better!


Frequently Asked Questions

You probably did not arrive at our site by accident. Perhaps you were looking for the answer to one of the common questions.

My fertilizer robot has been stalling more and more often in recent days. What can I rule out myself?

Is there power on the charger outlet?
Does the charging voltage exceed 28 volts about 10 minutes after starting?
Is the battery voltage at the end of the route above 24 volts?
Is it a pre-2012 machine? If so, the carbon brushes may be worn out.
Checked the above and still no improvement, please contact us.

My fertilizer robot is increasingly losing its way, what can I rule out myself?

Are the rear wheels clean and turning smoothly with no sideways play?
Are the springs still on the side flaps and do they spring back nicely when you have pressed them?
Restart the robot completely once.
If the problem persists, please contact us.

Are the mechanics at ESL-agri also available on weekends?

Yes! On Saturdays and Sundays, we are happy to assist you from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. via our service number, 06-20249648. However, it is good to know that on weekends only 1 mechanic is on breakdown duty, so full is full. During tinkering, the phone is not always answered, so we will call you back later. If your questions are not urgent, of course we appreciate it if you just contact us during office hours.

What does it cost to have a service technician come on Saturday?

On Saturdays, we charge 150% of the regular hourly rate, and 200% of the regular rate for travel expenses. Travel expenses are higher because our mechanics often have to travel much farther during breakdown shifts.

How much does it cost to have a service technician come on Sundays or holidays?

On Sundays and holidays, we charge 200% of the regular hourly rate and 200% of regular travel expenses.

Do you guarantee to come on weekends if I have a breakdown?

We do our very best to serve everyone as best we can, but there are some reasons why we may not make it on weekends:
-The troubleshooting engineer already has his day full;
-You are located outside 1 of our core areas (North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, southern Flevoland, Gelderland, Brabant, Limburg or Zeeland);
-You have current arrears;
-You are structurally slow to pay.

Working at esl-agri

Employees speak out

  • Desie, 29 years old

    2017 to present

    fattening technology representative

    I live with my boyfriend in Heeswijk-Dinther in Brabant. In my free time I drum away at the music association and the brass band. I also like to contribute to the village as a volunteer.
    Working at ESL-agri is the best job in the Netherlands. My work as a sales consultant is very diverse, I get to work all day in a close-knit team and visit many different dairy farms every week.

  • Erik, 29 years old

    2020 to present

    Service Technician

    I live in Grootebroek together with my girlfriend and our little son. In my spare time I like to play sports (soccer and tennis) and undertake various activities with family and friends.
    At ESL you work mostly independently, which brings a certain responsibility but also a lot of freedom. Working from job to job is effective which gives me a lot of satisfaction here. I always come home satisfied.

  • Frank, 50 years

    2006 to present

    Service Technician

    In addition to my own small farm with beef cattle and boarding horses, I work at ESL-agri. Working at ESL gives me a lot of responsibility, with support and advice from colleagues.....and vice versa of course. What can you teach us?
    I enjoy being welcomed by customers and, if there is time, discussing the world's problems over a cup of coffee (and "sometimes" pastry) with the necessary humor. When you leave behind a well-functioning machine, the day can't fail.
    That's why I've been working at ESL-agri for 17 years. Will you also become my future colleague?

  • Juriaan, 46 years old

    2001 to present

    Founder and owner of ESL-agri

    Together with Susanne and our three children, we live next door to ESL's warehouse and office. ESL-agri is my daily life. I have Eerste Stoe for a Lucht castle founded after my previous agricultural dreams fell apart. With ESL, in a fun way and with a nice team, I try to build the air castle into a nice company with satisfied customers, employees and suppliers. The positive feedback from the people I talk to every day and the minimal turnover in staff give me the energy to start each day with good spirits.

  • Nick, 33 years old

    2019 to present

    service coordinator

    I live in beautiful Culemborg, am married and father of three children. In my spare time I like to go running or touring on my motorcycle.

    At ESL-agri, I get the space to develop myself and a lot of freedom in performing the work.

  • Richard, 53 years old

    2019 to present

    service technician

    I am Richard and live together with my wife and children in Houten. I like to go fishing and on vacation with our camper.

    At ESL you will work in a friendly team and it is very nice that you can arrange the work as you see fit.

  • Rick, 22 years old

    2020 to present

    service technician

    I am Rick from Everdingen. I have a dairy farm together with my father. We milk 130 cows at home and have 45 breeding sheep. I started working at ESL almost immediately after my education. There I got a lot of time to learn technical things. My work bus is usually at home but since I live close to the business I like to go there to replenish and drink coffee. What I like most about the work is the contact with farmers all over the country. I hear a lot of stories along the way and take advantage of them at home. 

  • Ron, 54 years old

    2018 to present

    facility employee

    I am Ron from Culemborg, married and father of two children who now live on their own. I like to walk the dog and enjoy vacations in Scotland. In 2018 I started working as an (apprentice) mechanic. The work is fun and no day is the same, so challenge enough.

    Unfortunately, health reasons have forced me to quit as a mechanic at ESL-agri. I still feel involved and happy to contribute to this nice little company with an informal atmosphere.

  • Teun, 50 years

    2022 to present

    representative calf rearing

    I live in beautiful Biezenmortel with a dog and five chickens. On weekends I keep up my fitness with mountain biking.

    The direct contact with customers and the short lines of communication within team ESL are very pleasant!

  • Wessel, 28 years old

    2016 to present

    service technician

    In my spare time I am busy with scouting and I have a sailboat in the harbor with some friends. I also enjoy tinkering with mopeds and cars, the older the better. The best thing about working at ESL is the great responsibility you get. You usually work alone, but the lines of communication with colleagues, suppliers and customers are very short. Contributing to companies of passionate people is also very nice!